Shoulder Mounts, North American Game, Sheep (Dahl Thinhorn)

This is a very impressive dahl sheep shoulder mount with a slight right turn. The dahl sheep have a unique ability to get used to human beings and may explain why sheep became domesticated very early in our prehistoric past. Dahl sheep move from one grazing area to another. Good grazing patches may be 40 miles apart, and elders know the routes through the valleys that stitch the patches together. Their horns spread and spiral more than the bighorn’s; tips point away from the face. Grasses and sedges form their principal food. For all mounts export permits are available, also crating and shipping world wide, please inquire.

Price: $14900 CDN

Quantity: 1

Quality Grade: Museum Quality

Colour: White

Condition: New

Size: Full Curl+

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