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A Mountain Goat streight shoulder mount Mountain goats are one of the two species of all-white, hoofed, large mammals found in Alaska. They are often confused with young and female Dahl sheep, but are easily distinguished by their longer hair, deeper chest, and black horns. There is a crest of long, erect hair up to six or more inches in length along the spine, on the rump, and over the shoulders and neck. Long hairs on the legs give the animal the appearance of wearing pantaloons. A shaggy crop of hair hangs down from the chin and lower jaw. Mountain goats are both grazing and browsing animals, depending on the particular habitat and season of the year. They normally summer in high alpine meadows where they graze on grasses, herbs, and low-growing shrubs. For all mounts export permits available, also crating and shipping world wide, please inquire. Prices vary by Horn length

Price: $6900 CDN

Quantity: 1

Quality Grade: Museum Quality

Colour: White

Condition: New

Size: 1'4'' x 2'6'' x 2'0''

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