Fish, North American, Trout (Steelhead)

This piece features a steelhead trout (real skin mount of approx. 26 lb Steelhead)) on a beautifully finished burl-oakwood plaque. The average length of a steelhead is 20-30 inches. A mature steelhead usually weighs 8-9 pounds but has been known to reach 36 pounds. The body is somewhat compressed with a rounded snout and a large mouth. The spawning male experiences minor changes to its head, mouth and color. The native range of this species is the eastern Pacific Ocean and the fresh water mainly west of the Rocky Mountains. They first feed on plankton then insects and as they grow older, crustaceans and other fish.

Price: $6900 CDN

Quantity: 1

Quality Grade: Museum Quality

Colour: Various

Condition: New

Size: 4'6 x 2'0'' x 1'4''

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