If you are looking for anything related to taxidermy your best bet is to window shop in our showroom through our online catalogue of products. We have a vast inventory of items available, from traditional mounts to all sorts of fascinating and bizarre conversation pieces! Our wide selection of finished museum quality animals comprises virtually everything in the animal kingdom - mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish, both familiar and exotic. We also have a unique selection of accessories: lamps, gun racks, antler chandeliers, jewellery, rugs and bedspreads. Find something that interests you, but isn't quite what you wanted? Not a problem - we can customize products to meet your needs. Capilano Taxidermy also caters to movie studios requiring costumes, ornaments and set additions.

Capilano Taxidermy also has a unique affiliation program for other Taxidermy business. (please click here for our affiliation program).

Our products have been broken down for your convenience into a number of specialized categories. Please choose the category that best matches the product that you are looking for.

These graceful reminders of a prehistoric era are captured here in nature’s wonder.

From the depth of the deep oceans to the trickling brooks of New Zealand you will find something special here.

In this section you will find a variety of different animals that have half the body on display. This would include; head and shoulders plus part of the torso.

We have an amazing collection of head mounts from bears to zebras and everything in between.

Capilano taxidermy has a variety of hides, varying in color and size and species.

Here you will find various horns and racks from various animals inlcluding moose, caribou and deer.

This section is where some of our most impressive work takes place.

Capilano Taxidermy also offers many unique novelties. Such novelties include; Lamps, Tables, mantles and many more

Here you will find everything from Classical European horn mounts to neat skull mounts.

Capilano Taxidermy offers a variety of unique rugs and bedspreads

Here you will find an amazing array of animals from all over the world. Animals include caribou, elk, moose, kudu, wart hog and so on.

Here you will find a large variety of skulls. We have everything from bear to beaver skulls.

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